Parents angry with GES over poor results of students

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Jane and coThe National Council for Parent-Teacher Associations (NCPTA) has descended heavily on the Ghana Education Service (GES), saying it finds it difficult to understand why students fail and yet teachers and education supervisors remain at “their post earning their salaries”.

“We cannot continue to accept situation,” said Alexander Danso, President of the Council, on Wednesday.

Addressing a meeting held in Accra, Mr Danso lamented why parents are sidelined in decision-making as regards their wards’ education but are the first to be called upon when it comes to projects.

“I find it extremely difficult why [GES] continues to show gross disrespect to parents. I don’t see why you are educating my child and you don’t seek my opinion. You don’t seek my advice and you don’t take anything from me and you think you can implement anything at all?” Mr Danso asked.

Torgbi Duklui Attipoe, a Board Member of the Council, called on the GES to concentrate on their core mandate “in making sure that effective teaching and learning goes on”.

“They should set achievable targets for our schools and for management and teachers to implement so that we don’t see these mass failures in the basic and secondary schools.”

Source: TV3 News|Ghana