Teachers were shortchanged under SSPP – CCT

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CCT-GLeadership of the Coalition of Concerned Teachers (CCT) of Ghana says its fears prior to the implementation of the Single Spine Pay Policy (SSPP) have not been dispelled yet.

At a meeting with journalists in Accra, CCT noted that teachers were shortchanged in the migration of workers onto the scheme.

“While some sectors were paid their allowances, teachers in particular were told to hold on for their Union leaders to negotiate for their allowances,” a statement later released by the Coalition noted.

“Since the implementation of the pay policy, what positive impact has it had on the lives of teachers coupled with the harsh economic conditions?” asked Ernest Opoku, National President of CCT.

He was particularly concerned with government’s inability to negotiate base pay as at August, saying it is making life  unbearable not only for teachers but Ghanaian workers as a whole.

“We therefore advise government to reconsider its position on the 8% base pay it wants to give to teachers (and other public workers),” Mr Opoku recommended.

He added: “We consider the government attempt to implement the said 8% very unfortunate and economically irrelevant in a wake of recent increases in utility prices, taxes, petroleum tariffs, depreciation of the cedi without corresponding or appreciable increase in salaries of teachers.”

He said quality of education will be affected in the negative if current economic conditions persist and government fails to reconsider the base pay.

He also raised concerns with government’s inability to release capitation grants and subventions for schools in due time.

“The undue delay in the payment of these grants is affecting the smooth running of our schools negatively.”

On the non-payment of subventions, Mr Opoku noted that the situation is making it difficult for Circuit Supervisors in the various education directorates to discharge their duties.

He disagreed with government’s decision to scrap allowances of teacher trainees.

“A careful analysis of the proposed policy suggests to us that any attempt by the government to stop the allowances given to teacher trainees will make an already bad situation worse.

“We therefore ask well-meaning Ghanaians, and all stakeholders to rise and support CCT-Ghana as we continue to fight for better condition of service and quality education for all.”

Source: tv3network.com|Ghana