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EC must be transparent – Rev Dr Opuni-Frimpong

Friday, 03 June 2016 10:59

The General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana, Rev. Dr Kwabena Opuni-Frimpong, has made a clarion call on the Electoral Commission of Ghana to do all it can to be transparent as that is the only way Ghanaians as well as the world can trust it and the credibility of the 2016 general elections.

The former Asante Presbytery Chairperson of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana noted that high as the stakes look for 2016 presidential and parliamentary elections seem, it will only take openness of Commissioner Charlotte Osei and her commission to avert any doubt that may lead to another marathon court battle.

“Let us do things, I mean the right things that will secure the future of our country and posterity,” he said.

“EC must be transparent. It is only transparency that will make the citizenry trust and support the 2016 elections.”

Rev Dr Opuni-Frimpong made this known to Bright Kwesi Asempa, the host of news and current affairs program Ghana Dadwen on Onua FM, on Thursday.

His call appears to have added voice to previous calls from notable individuals, civil society organizations and religious bodies as well as some political pressure groups.

The Founder of Salt and Light Ministry, Rev. Dr Joyce Aryee, made a similar call at a workshop in Kumasi, where she called on the EC to work with all key political actors to build confidence in the electoral process.

On his part, the General Secretary of the Christian Council of Ghana believed that if the Commission will humble itself and stop behaving as a stiff-necked king, politicians can sign all the peace pacts in this world but that will not be enough to stop disagreements that will lead to troubles and violence in this year’s election.

“I want to hear the EC do an independent assessment of the current voters’ roll and come out with concrete steps and solution in ensuring that we have a credible voter’s document, devoid of doubt. This will rest every argument as soon as all parties are satisfied,” he told Bight Asempa.

He maintained that Ghanaians are gradually losing credibility in the EC, pointing out that credibility is key to success or otherwise of the 2016 elections.

“Let me say that every political leader who makes or signs a peace pact must be made to abide by it. It must reflect in their speeches such that their followers will also tow the same line as the flag bearers. Ghana should be peaceful and must remain peaceful after the elections,” Rev Dr Opuni-Frimpong called.


On the issues of minors and foreigners on the country’s voter’s register, Rev Dr Kwabena Opuni Frimpong said it surprises him how the two largest political parties (NDC & NPP) are on each other’s throat with accusation when it was in fact they that are guilty.

“They have Christians as well as Muslims among them so I find it very difficult to believe that they will abandon their religious faith and value and engage on such practice, Asempa people must bring their faith into what they do.

“These two parties (NDC & NPP) must ensure peace prevails and I want to hear especially the voice of Christians in those parties. I call on the Imams and Christian leaders to let their members know they cannot be using their faith to perpetrate wrongs,” he added.

The Reverend also called on Christian leaders not to be afraid of insults and name calling and speak against wrongs in the society as well as in the political sphere.

He said when they (Clergy) speak; it should be taken as an advice from a father to his children.

“We make corrections, we don’t create confusions when we speak on political issues, I won’t stop.”

By Bright Dzakah|Onua FM|Accra, Ghana