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Wednesday, 21 May 2014 17:22

Spotlight is an entertainment preview and review program spotting the light on happenings in the entertainment industry, events, lifestyle and fashion, and all across the world with our correspondents in the United Kingdom produced and telecast by TV3network.

The show has 3 main segments (Entertainment review, downtown and profiling of personalities) within an hour while intercepting it with news updates and trending gossips.

Entertainment Review: It’s a segment made up of industry critics, what the press is saying and what bloggers are posting. Analysts are also broght in to discuss trending issues affecting the industry, personalities and events, and also to preview upcoming events, new music videos and movies.

Downtown: This is a coverage of major events and programs happening in Ghana and beyond. There is also coverage of behind the scenes footage of some films and music videos.

Personalities Profile: This segment discusses all issues around a selected personality in the industry within or outside GH that could spot the light on an unknown side of the person all in quest to promote him/her in the best of ways. Premiering of new film and music videos by the producer or artiste as we  discuss his career.

Join us live from TV3 Studio 'B'...

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