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GNAT pushes for GES sanctioning over teacher employment lapses

Monday, 09 May 2016 19:35

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) is calling on the Ministry of Finance to sanction officials of Ghana Education Service (GES) for not following due process before employing some teachers.

General Secretary of GNAT David Ofori Acheampong says he is disappointed at GES for going ahead to employ these teachers without clearance from the Finance Ministry.

The teachers, who are yet to be validated, have formed the Coalition of Unpaid Teachers, planning to demonstrate over their cause.

This Mr Ofori Acheampong says is putting undue pressure on GNAT.

“The point is that ignorance of the law is not an excuse,” he said.

“If any agency wants to employ, it must seek clearance from the Ministry of Finance. Then upon approval, they will be employed. In their case, they were employed before the clearance process started and they are not even on the Controller and Accountant General’s roll. So they should be sanctioned by the Ministry of Finance. Now the pressure is on us.”

He reacted to comments making round on social media that GNAT received bribes from the government to keep silent on delays in paying arrears owed members of the coalition of unpaid teachers.

“At our last meeting, we have been assured by the Minister that they will be paid soon. But in the meantime instead of them to be listening to us, they are all over the place insulting us. In the first place, they are not a member of any of us. I read they plan to picket; they should go ahead if they think it will force the Ministry of Finance to clear them fine. But I want to assure them that they will be cleared soon.”

But the Coalition of Unpaid Teachers says members don’t care whether they were cleared or not and would go ahead to picket at the Flagstaff House on Wednesday, May 11.

“I don’t think we are at fault for being employed by GES without clearance,” said Erick Effah Darko, President of the Coalition.

“We have heard the same words from them for far too long. Always assuring us and we feel they are taking us for granted. We did not send any message on social media, the same way our people are also accusing us of taking the money and not fighting for them. We will picket no matter what.”

Meanwhile, Public Relations Officer of GES Reverend Jonathan Bettey says documents of the unpaid teachers have been forwarded to the Finance Ministry, awaiting clearance.

He has assured that it will be completed soon for them to be paid.

By Sarah Parku|3FM|tv3network.com|Ghana