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Teaching of agric hampered as school farms gradually fade out

Monday, 27 July 2015 14:49

Some Senior High schools in the Greater Accra Region, have not been able to maintain farming as a core student activity. While some have poorly maintained farms, others have none at all since according to school authorities, agriculture is not a core subject.

Parent-teacher associations pay 3.30 pesewas per student daily, to feed boarding schools.

For years, school farms had provided essential food crops and supplemented the protein requirements of boarding schools. Apart from that, it is used by teachers to train students on farming and animal rearing.

Presently however, only few senior high schools in the Greater Accra Region and across the country, can boast of such farms.

The importance of the study of agriculture cannot be emphasized, in a country where nearly half of its people are engaged in agriculture, a female agric tutor lamented.

"Most parents wouldn't want their children to become farmers. They see Agriculture as farming. They come and see this place as something that is wasting their time because they think they don't belong here. We are losing it in the area of agric" a female agric tutor  in the Greater Accra Region cautioned.

Agric tutor

A stable agricultural sector undoubtedly enhances food security, but unfortunately, the subject is ridiculed and students are embarrassed to be seen on school farms in recent years, some students lamented.

"When they see that you are an agric student they kind of call you a farmer; and sometimes it makes you feel like declining from being an agric student. But when you sit down and tell yourself that you know what you want you just ignore them and go for it"

Most schools teach the subject under integrated science which is woefully inadequate to arouse students interest.

The few schools that teach agriculture do not have farms to do practical work.

In the age of technology how would a child’s interest in agriculture be aroused when farming inn school is done with simple implements like cutlasses and hoes

"We are talking about ploughing machines ploughing the land, we are talking about herbicides to control weeds and the likes. They don't really see much of them; all they hear about is in the books so I feel we have to do a more effective work than what we are doing now" the female agric tutor said.

Agriculture employs many and contributes immensely to economic development, therefore arousing the interests of students will go a long way in boosting the sector.