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Five things you didn’t know about NewDay’s Moonn Sangmor

Monday, 25 April 2016 00:00

Moonn recently made a return to TV3 after four years off.

She runs a restaurant and deals in fabrics as well. She has a Masters in International Affairs Degree from the Legon Center for International Affairs (LECIA).

She was also the host for the Ongar food tour on TV3 a couple of years ago.

You think you’ve known enough about the co-host of New Day. Maybe! The following could be newies…

  • She was sacked from the school choir at St. Rose's Senior High School because her choirmaster at the time thought she had too much bass in her voice. She revealed her mother also suffered the same fate as she was also sacked from a school choir.


  • She was a sportswoman in school. Shot put and tug of war were some of the disciplines she participated in.


  • She got the name Moonn because she was born exactly nine months from the first day her parents had sex during their honeymoon. She was then referred to as a honeymoon baby but the name was cut short to ‘Moonn’.


  • She was nicknamed Missy Elliot because she was a good rapper and a dancer in school. Moonn also has an unreleased rap song she wrote in 2001.


  • Moonn has a sister called Star

By Nana Afrane Asante|tv3network.com|Ghana