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GMB IX: End of the road for Western Region’s rep

Sunday, 27 September 2015 23:11

Western Region’s Araba became the latest evictee of TV3’s Ghana’s Most Beautiful reality show despite being awarded as the most disciplined for the week.

Full name Maame Araba Sabina Hayford, the Western Region representative joins Greater Accra’s Naa, Upper West’s Nima and Upper East’s Azure as the contestants so far evicted from the 9th edition of the show.

Araba’s performance on the Asafo drums on a night of freestyle display of talents was highly praised by the judges.

After playing on the talking drums, she led the Asafo drummers to chant Asafo songs. But her votes seemed to have let her down.

Sunday’s Star Performer was Brong Ahafo’s Ama, whose votes have moved her up to second on the chart. She was up for eviction just two weeks ago.

Ashanti Region’s Sika tops the chart with Eastern Region's Afariwa bottom.

Nonetheless, Afariwa seemed to have been saved by her moving stagecraft, which won her ‘Most Eloquent Performer’.

With four so far out of the contest, the road to the final is clearing up as to who succeeds Baci, winner of the crown in 2014.

Source: tv3network.com|Ghana