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TV3’s Thierry Nyann has one wish: to meet his dad

Friday, 03 June 2016 16:30

Rubbing shoulders with some of the country’s best sports journalists, TV3’s Thierry Nyann holds a BSc in Information Technology from Methodist University.

Thierry Nyann (TN) has a passion for tennis even though he loves football.

Online journalist Nana Afrane Asante (NAA) got up close and personal with the former Citi FM and Viasat 1 sports presenter and the following is what ensued between them:

NAA: What motivates you?

TN: My mum motivates me a lot. Every time I think about her I know there is something to look for and every time I look at her I know there is something I need to achieve to put a smile on her face before she finally joins her Maker. I love everyone in my family and they have all been a great motivation to me.

NAA: What are your hobbies?

TN: I love watching football, playing football games and watching movies.

NAA: What do you do to relax?

TN: I am one person who finds it very hard to relax. My work is such that I come to work as early as 5am and on days that I’m doing the evening news, it means I will be closing after 8pm. Even before I joined TV3, I was working for Viasat1 and Citi FM where I was working from 5am – 10pm, so it is always going to be very difficult and when I do get the chance to relax, I just sleep to get my energy back.

NAA: First kiss?

TN: It was shortly after junior high school and it was a good one.

NAA: First car?

TN: My first car was a blue black Golf 3. It was an absolutely fantastic car and very efficient. I still remember the days when it used to stop on the road on my way to work and I always had a gallon in my boot because that car does not notify when its fuel would run out. (giggles)


NAA: First job?

TN: I remember back then when I wanted to start earning some cash, I spoke to a few family members who in turn also spoke to their friends who were in high positions in certain companies and had the opportunity of going for an interview at one of the companies and remember sitting long hours for five consecutive days and I was still not attended to. The HR manager came out and told me at the time that I was going to be earning a little less than GH¢100. If I calculate my transportation and feeding it meant I was going to be using more than GH¢100 per month but it still brought me some sort of excitement and I was looking forward to me start but it never came and I was never called. I remember crying in my room and some months after I worked with Latex Foam and I was working there as an IT administrator because my studies were in that line and that is where everything started.

NAA: Favourite fashion item?

TN: I love watches and I have always been in love with watches and probably the reason why I love tennis as well, because I love to see these tennis stars rock their classy elegant watches. There’s nothing more precious to me like a classy watch because I feel it brings out the soul of a man.

NAA: Favourite chocolate or fruit?

TN: I am not a chocolate person. I prefer biscuits and shortbread will stand out among a tall list of favourites. With fruits I will go with mangoes.

NAA: Favourite radio and TV station?

TN: My favourite radio has got to be the BBC. I love their programming, news content and the quality of their presentation as well. I work at 3FM now and we are climbing the charts and it’s the love for what we do that brings the best out of us. TV3 has always been my favourite TV Station as well.

NAA: Favourite sport?

TN: Football and it’s got to be football. Sometimes I’m torn between football and tennis because I love tennis as a sport and I love how the game rolls and love the fact that it’s an individual sport with focus. The beauty of it all is how the game is played. I have followed football for a while and what is displayed on the field attracts millions and that is why it’s the most watched sport in the world.

NAA: Favourite family member?

TN: Wow! That’s a big one. On the ladder, my sister Harriet Longdon, I love her so much and my mum who is obviously up the ladder as well because of everything she’s done for me single handedly and my other sister and I must say they have really helped in shaping my life, my nephews and nieces as well. They always put smiles on my face plus my father I have never seen before and that’s a secret I’m revealing today. Wherever he is, I wish him God’s blessings and I want him to know I love him so much. I don’t know his whereabouts but I hope to meet him one day and if I don’t I pray we both live good lives to meet in heaven.



My mum motivates me a lot, says Thierry Nyann

NAA: Favourite team?

TN: I support Chelsea without any doubt. I started following the club when Jose Mourinho went in there back in 2004 and announced himself as the ‘Special One’. I loved his attitude and his ego and I say it was positive energy and a lot of people look at him and have bad things to say about him and I say he’s not the best I have seen in the sport but he oozes a lot of confidence and that translates in the way his sides play. I think that he attracted me to Chelsea.

NAA: Favourite player?

TN: I would choose Roger Federer because he is your ideal professional. He’s a guy that oozes class and he’s got this prestige around him and won so many grand slams, masters and it’s all because of how focused he is as an individual and how passionate he is about the sport and I can say he really is a very good inspiration for me.

NAA: Favourite music?

TN: I love R&B and my best singer definitely has to be John Legend

NAA: Favourite food?

TN: Rice! You ask anyone in my family and they will tell you I’m the ricemaster

NAA: Favourite place of holiday?

TN: Venice, they call it the City of Water or the Floating City. All structures are on water and I consider that pretty much romantic.


NAA: First thing you do when you wake up?

TN: First thing I do when I wake up is to say a prayer to God saying Thank You to him and I start mapping out my day.

NAA: Last thing you do before you go to bed?

TN: I forget to pray sometimes and I ask God to forgive me on that.

NAA: The worst moment you’ve had in a job?

TN: The worst moment at work is when I’m talked down or spoken against openly. It really gets me down.         

By Nana Afrane Asante|tv3network.com|Ghana