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Vodafone X takes ‘Insomnia’ to UCC

Friday, 20 May 2016 10:13

By popular demand, telecommunication giants Vodafone Ghana are taking their Vodafone X exclusive movie package dubbed ‘Insomnia’ to University of Cape Coast (UCC) this weekend.

For the first time, Vodafone’s ‘Insomnia’ is being taken outside Accra to give X users in other regions the opportunity to enjoy good movies and good music all night long.

Vodafone X has so far promoted themes such as originality, authenticity, empowerment and self-expression through its manifesto phrase, ‘Let’s Not Pretend’.

Aside the ‘Insomnia’ experience, Vodafone is running exciting campaigns such as the Vodafone X Men to inspire the youth to achieve their dreams across the various tertiary institutions and Vodafone Icons, to nurture music talents into stardom.

Source: tv3network.com|Ghana