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Get bigger boobs without going under the knife

Thursday, 21 April 2016 18:28

If you’ve ever dreamed of having bigger, perkier boobs but don’t fancy going under the knife, this could be the answer.

Trainer Nikki DiSanto insists breasts can be boosted naturally, it’s just all about knowing how. Exercise is key, according to the fitness guru, who has listed three workouts which will help chisel cleavage in a video on YouTube channel Being Fat Sucks.

“You want to think about how the chest muscles are stretching,” she explains.

“Basically you have three muscles in there: the lower, the mid and the upper.

“You really want to focus on the lower as well as the mid.

“That’s what is going to enhance your breasts and help lift them.”

Decline chest press

This is the first workout and you’re aiming to do three sets of 10 to 12 reps.

You need a bench that is at an angle to lie on, plus some hand weights — use as heavy as you comfortably can.

Lift the weights with your arms parallel to the floor, then push them up so they meet in the middle above your head.

That’s it, just remember not to rush through them. You can also vary the weights if you really want to push yourself.

Take 30 seconds between each rep and make sure you stretch too.

Flat dumbbell press

If you’ve mastered the previous one, you’ll be fine with this, as it’s exactly the same but with the bench flat.

Try putting your feet on the bench rather on the floor, too, as it eases the strain on your back.

Do three sets of around 10 reps


Don’t be fooled by these, because although they look easy, they are a real killer.

You need to sit on the side of the bench and put your hands on it, about shoulder width apart.

Keep your thighs parallel to the floor and move up and down — you’ll feel the burn in your chest and your arms.

Again, three sets of 10 or more reps.

Source NY Post