Skinny jeans can be bad for your health. No, seriously. Incidents like this one described by the BBC show that skinny jeans could actually be damaging to your health and send you to the hospital in the extreme, worst-case scenarios.

A province in east China is set to give women, who suffer from painful menstrual cramps, time off work.

This Valentine’s Day, skip the flowers and the chocolates. Instead, if you want a better shot at true, lasting love, learn to control your spending and be sure you’ve chosen a career that’s a perfect match.

Revealed! This is why you should sleep naked

Tuesday, 09 February 2016 13:58

This might sound a little naughty, but bear with us here. You need to ditch your pajamas and start sleeping in your birthday suit. What’s that, you say?

If you spend all day sitting at your desk, going to the gym in the evening may not undo the damage, research suggests.

Gossip: “The unsanctioned evaluative talk about people who aren’t present”, as defined by Timothy Hallett, associate professor in the Indiana University Sociology Department.

Pregnant women who take common painkillers like paracetamol could unwittingly be putting the fertility of their daughters at risk, a study suggests.

Most of your Facebook friends don’t care about you and probably wouldn’t even sympathise with your problems, according to a new study.

When people say they don’t shower every day, we usually find that weird. However, is showering every day necessary? It turns out that showering on a daily basis isn’t the healthy habit we thought it was.

It used to be the preserve of the elderly, but today it's not so. Serious hair loss, medically referred to as "alopecia" or balding, is fast catching up with young people.

The world's 62 richest billionaires have as much wealth as the bottom half of the world's population, according to a new report from Oxfam International.

Breasts have always been a source of fascination - for both men and women. And as a smart bra launches - which includes skin sensors to measure size, breathing and heart-rate - science is finally shining a light on their charms.

Tips to help you stay young

Monday, 11 January 2016 12:55

Many of us are looking for ways to stay young and although you can’t stop the clock, you can fight the signs of aging and the aging process with a few wise moves.