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[Photos] Knowing Ghana: An eye on Volta region under Mahama

Sunday, 24 April 2016 00:00

As Ghana inches close to election 2016, the debate over how well the various regions have been developed under the Mahama-led administration has begun in earnest.

While the government insists that it has fairly distributed the national resources and brought development to the people, the various opposition parties have challenged the NDC government to show proof of actual delivery beyond the political rhetoric.

EP primary school at Dambai

The Volta region, largely considered as the political 'world bank' of the ruling party, has often come up as a benchmark in measuring the infrastructural performance of the NDC.

Holy Rosary Primary school at Dambai
Community center at Dambai

However, a visit by the ‘Knowing Ghana’ project team to the Volta region registered massive developmental projects that have sprung up in the region between 2009 and 2016.

Day care center at Tokuroano

If you are a resident but have been out of the region for long, you might just miss your way back as projects appear to have dramatically changed the communities over the last few years.


Interspersed and below this article are some of the projects that have come up in the various districts of the Volta region over the last six years.

The glamorous Nchumuruman Community Day School

Source: James Apenteng