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Shocking! Frog-like creature drops from Ghana Water tap

Friday, 11 March 2016 17:16

The Ghana Water Company in the Eastern Region is investigating how a tadpole, a tailed aquatic larva that metamorphoses into frog, came through a pipe-borne water in a house at Koforidua-Oguaa Friday dawn.

Occupants of House number BT/D34 at Oguaa were shocked Friday dawn when the tadpole dropped from a Ghana Water Company pipe in the house into a bucket which was being used to fetch water by one of the tenants for household chores.

Maame Yaa told TV3's Yvonne Neequaye that she woke up at dawn to fetch water from the tap and while fetching, the tadpole dropped into the bucket, something she said surprised her and the entire household.


The tapdoles eventually transforms into frog

She said she had earlier fetched water from the tap but could not tell whether there was a tadpole in that since there was darkness at the time. According to her, but for the fact that the weather was clear, when she went to fetch water the second time, she wouldn't have noticed the tadpole.


The tadpole which came through the tap

The occupants of the house say, for some time now, water from the tap has become loathsome.

They have thus questioned the safety of the water from the Ghana Water Company. According to them, they cannot trust the water quality and are now reluctant to fetch from the tap due to the latest development.

Meanwhile, the Regional Production Manager for the Ghana Water Company, Mr Martin K. Asante, told TV3 Online that they have taken sample of the water from that particular tap for laboratory analysis for the necessary action to be taken.

By Stephen Kwabena Effah|tv3network.com|Ghana

Twitter @steviekgh