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Commey feels his world title shot is near

Wednesday, 07 October 2015 12:51

SWAG boxer of the year Richard Commey says he is closer than ever to a world title and feels he can bring the ‘feel good’ factor back in the sport.

The IBF Intercontinental title winner is due back in the boxing ring on October 17 to face Georgia’s Ramaz Bebnadze at the DM Arena in Karlsruhe, Germany and wants to use that fight to prove to Ghanaians that he can be the next big thing in boxing here.

“Gradually I’m getting closer to a world title shot. I believe I’m only two or three fights away,” he told TV3 Sports.

“So at this stage every fight is important to me. I will be approaching this fight like it’s a world title challenge. I want to win and win convincingly to prove I’m ready to face the very best. I’m not looking past Bebnadze but after this fight I want to defend one of my belts and then add a World title to my collection!”

The 28-year-old recently won an IBF intercontinental title and says the circumstances under which he achieved that is testament to his quality.

“Winning the IBF Intercontinental title meant a lot to me and my team, it’s really given us an idea as to where we’re heading. To do it in Vegas, headlining a show in the fight capital of the world, made it even more special. No other Ghanaian boxer has done that in their first fight in the US.”

Source: TV3 Sports Desk