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Rejoinder: Rawlings is ungrateful, Atta Mills rescued him from disgrace

Friday, 03 June 2016 20:56

OPEN LETTER TO RODNEY AKPALU (http://tv3network.com/component/k2/rawlings-is-ungrateful-atta-mills-rescued-him-from-disgrace)

Dear Rodney,
I believe the day has been filled with hope and the shimmering day has given you the positive reason for existing. I wouldn’t want to waste much time on pleasantries, that’s not my reason for writing so I’d rather pen down my issues and focus on why I took time off my busy schedule to write to you.

I am a Ghanaian citizen who believes in the future of mother Ghana, we live in a technological world where our continent is fortunate to produce the best technocrats thus communication and information has become easy to access. I was going through the news on the internet after my usual graphic when I saw ‘’your’’ not so necessary article, I must say you gave very laudable information but well no proof to back your claims and also it seemed like a personal attack to me than information.

After reading your little piece I decided to find out who you are and what you do, just to give me a fair idea of the kind of personality you possess, but well ‘’Mr. Know it all” that’s google if you care to know, couldn’t give a pinch of information about you. Ghana has become a country where we are made to accept and believe lies while we shun the truth and those who are blunt on issues are classified as oppositions.

In 2008 and 2012, I never saw this post condemning the Rawlings, so the question is ‘’WHY NOW?’’. Are you condemning him because he has refused to kowtow to the cruel mismanagement of resources in the country, the misappropriation of funds, looting and sharing and corruption which has contributed a quota to the sinking economy?

Indeed, Mr. Rawlings comes to me as an interesting character with a great sense of humour and charisma which never dies off. I have read and heard him speak on issues which has raised concerns and gave a wakeup call to some gullible Ghanaians. Politrickcians know that Ghanaians are gullible, thus, toss the dice anyhow, provides it benefits them. I want to state clearly that you have not only exposed the fact that you are doing the bid of your pay master but you have exposed how corrupt and deceitful your pay masters are.

In your piece you talked about the judgement debt. which was illegally paid to Mrs. Rawlings, you also went ahead to talk about how the NDC government helped Mrs. Rawlings to acquire US$4,150,27.50 from the state as a judgement debt in 2009 to her company Calf Cocoa International which she confirmed in June 2014, you also talked about how she was charged, trialled but never convicted, my question is, ‘’why are you now telling Ghanaians?’’, are you opening up this issues because H.E. Rawlings has refused to keep quiet on the sickening issues in the country or is it because he has refused to succumb to the government’s handling of situations in the country?

You had 2008 and 2012 to have said all that you penned down in your little piece, but I guess it wasn’t necessary because he was campaigning and giving thumbs up in everything the government does. Ghana has become a country where people who share their views are oppositions, who do not accept whatever government puts on the table, people like Sarkodie, Yvonne Nelson, Lydia Forson, DKB to mention a few, who questioned the state of mother Ghana were all classified as friends of Nana Addo and I am not surprised you stoop so low to think Rawlings is supporting Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo.

Have you ever heard of this popular twi proverb “opanin a otina efie ema nkoraa ewi nanka nu, ye bu nanka wi fuo a oka hu bi” (at least I tried in writing it the best way I can), this literally means that “an elder who sits in the house for children to eat pythons, when we talk of python eaters he is considered one of them’’ Mr. Rawlings does not want to be that kind of an elder in Ghana, we all have one or two skeletons in our cupboards, we all make mistakes because we are human and are bound to and how we correct them is what matters.

In 2008, there was no way Atta Mills could have unseated the NPP with his “Asomdwe preaching”. JJ Rawlings and his wife campaigned tirelessly to ensure that the NDC and the Mills administration comes into power. It is the treacherous thieves in the NDC who always have a problem with the Rawlings.

Rodney, to me, your piece was just a punch to the Rawlings and the Rawlings I see will not sit down for non-entities like you who are so coward enough to come out publicly and speak. I was expecting you to go directly to Mr. Rawlings and spew this garbage to him or perhaps, if you think you have a problem with him, go to court and sort it out and give Ghanaians piece of mind to think about the frequent increment of electricity tariffs, fuel prices and the hardship we are facing in the country and spare us the noise you are making in the country with Mr. Rawlings just to be relevant to your confused pay master who wish be like Rawlings for at least a day.

Atta Mills in 2008 said he will never inherit another man’s enemy; they expect the Rawlings to always come to the forefront as enemies to the opposition and as it didn’t turn out as they (NDC) wanted it, they have retorted to mischievous ways to say he is Ungrateful. Ghanaians are grateful and they are watching, they say the empty barrels makes the most noise, and I respect JJ Rawlings for keeping mute on most of the issues raised against him.

I expected you to have a scintillate mind that will put some order in the Ghanaian system where most youth will adapt and learn from, but well, after reading your article on tv3network.com, I realised that we have a long way to go as Ghanaians. We have issues that you could have talked about such as the Ameri deal, Smarttys deal of GHc3.7 million bus rebranding, Woyome’s money, NHIS, school feeding program, Gyeeda, NYEP fund, the high rate of unemployment, Dumsor, looting and sharing of funds, misappropriation of resources etc. I expected you to touch on these issues and provide ways to solve them.

I hope you can pick some wisdom from my piece which you may choose to consider as chaff but at least I wasn’t insensitive in my approach. If you didn’t speak about it 9 years ago because he was quiet on your issues and hailing you on, then, please save Ghanaians the stress and hold your tongue. Just as the truth of Christ has survived in spite of his enemies, so will the Rawlings. No Matter how they twist, churn and turn history and issues, they will never be able to match up JJ’s integrity, rectitude and truthfulness.

Enjoy your day.